Community & Volunteering Events, Falmouth University, UK

Throughout my time at Falmouth University I volunteered at a number of community and charity focused events within Cornwall. These events enabled me to develop my skills and abilities through hands on experience.

Key Events Experience: 

  • City of Lights, Mackerel Sky Events, 2012 & 2013
  • Old School Sports Day, Falmouth, 2014
  • Falmouth Feel Good Festival, Falmouth 2014
  • Battle of the Bands, Falmouth, 2013
  • Falmouth Festivals, Folk & Cider Fayre, Falmouth, 2013
  • Curious Journey Festival, Falmouth, 2013
  • Winter Wonderland, Falmouth, 2012


  • Set up and technical instillations
  • Event marketing and promotions
  • Media relations including interviews with Heart Radio Cornwall
  • Collecting donations
  • Stewarding and managing small teams
  • Front of house duties including box office and front gate
  • Managing stalls and booths
  • Attendee management and guest relations
  • Close down, gaining attendee feedback and event evaluations

Isabelle is a passionate and enthusiastic individual. During my time at Falmouth University I had the privilege of working with her on a number of occasions; Old School Sports Day, Falmouth Feel Good Festival, Battle of the Bands and Winter Wonderland.

Isabelle was first to volunteer for the events which I ran and project managed and was a pleasure to have as part of the team. She is a strong minded individual who’s enthusiasm is infectious. I am grateful that I had the pleasure to work alongside her and I genuinely believe she will be successful in this industry. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I hope to again in the future.

Chelsea Doolin
BA(Hons) Creative Events Management Graduate, Falmouth University


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