BA 1st Class Honours in Creative Events Management, Falmouth University, UK

BA 1st Class Honours in Creative Events Management, 2012-2015, Falmouth University, UK.

Key Modules:

  • Marketing: 1st grade 10,000 word Marketing Plan implementing key event marketing principles.
  • Business Practice: 1st grade 8,000 word Business Plan implementing key business principles.
  • Dissertation: 1st grade 9,000 word dissertation investigating Corporate Social Responsibility within Experiential Marketing.
  • Additional key modules: Resource Planning, Critical and Cultural Understanding and Management and Professional Practice.

Practical Event Modules:
– Third Year Final Event Project, Event ManagerThe Cornwall Variety Show
– Second Year Event Projects: Project Leader, The Cornish Charity Ball and Project LeaderBollywood Shelter
– First Year Event Experience: Community and Volunteering Events

Additional achievements:

Isabelle has consistently proved to be a most diligent and hard working student, demonstrating a deep understanding of the operational elements of event design alongside the many creative aspects therein.

Isabelle is very good at working with other people. She is considerate and sensitive, but also assertive in her decision-making and problem solving. Isabelle is not only good-humoured and friendly, but also is good at gauging other people’s level of knowledge and attitudes.

I give Isabelle my highest recommendation, and very much hope that any future employer or collaborator judges her application favourably.

Matt Kirby
Course Coordinator & Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Creative Events Management

Isabelle is highly self-motivated, ambitious, reliable, efficient and accountable and one hundred percent committed towards her work. She takes responsibility for all aspects of her work as an independent learner and is very organised, articulate and openly communicative.

Isabelle is always willing to accept advice and feedback because she is so motivated to continually improve herself and develop personal skills as an individual.

Isabelle always goes above and beyond what is expected of her as she is so focused and determined to succeed. As a person she is very affable, good humoured and I wish her every success for the future in her chosen career path.

Justine East
Academic Tutor, Falmouth University