18 Things Events Management Graduates Have Done/Thought In Their First Event Job

Have no shame, we all did/thought these things in our first graduate job. 

1. I’ve landed a real job in events management! Instantly update every social media site and write Facebook status to ensure everyone who’s ever known you will know how great you’re doing.

2. Use Google vigorously to learn everything you can about your new company and write down all your great ideas so you can wow your new boss on your first day and get promoted ASAP!

3. Stalk your boss and colleagues on LinkedIn and Facebook with varying degrees of success. 

4. I have no idea what to wear. What does smart casual even mean? Where was the lecture on dressing appropriately? I want to come across as cool but professional… nailed it. 


5. I’ll arrive early to show I’m super punctual. Oh no, too early, no one’s here. I’ll just stand awkwardly outside and wait for someone to arrive.


6. Must try really hard to remember everyone’s name. I can’t remember anyone’s name. Refer to someone by the wrong name and get instantly corrected.


7. Since when did events have so much paperwork?


8. Oh great, another Excel spreadsheet 


9. Am I the only person who realises we’ll produce better ideas over a pint?am-i-the-only-one-who-can-drink-and-work
10. Why have all my amazing ideas already been thought of? At university I was full of original and unique event plans…
11. I thought our office would look more like Google. Where are the bean bags and massive whiteboards for creating colourful mind-maps?


12. Working all day is so tiring, I need a nap.oh-dear

13. I’ve never needed coffee so bad in my life


14. I wish I’d paid more attention over the last three years, what the hell is a Gantt chart?you-dont-know-shit

15. Invited to after work drinks! Woooo! 


16. Get drunk in front of your new colleagues and instantly regret everything you said and did.


17. Tell everyone that you love your job…


18. But  actually realize working life is much, much harder than you originally thought and that you are horribly unprepared.giphy

* * *


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