10 Essential Blogs All Event Professionals Should Follow To Keep Up In The Events Industry

Follow these 10 blogs to keep up to date with the ever-changing world of events management. Key trends and developments, industry news and advice from knowledgeable business professionals. Stay in the loop and expand your own expertise.

Events Management

1. BizBash
Ideas, news, & resources for event planners & experiential marketers.”
bizbash.com | @BizBash 

2. Event Manager Blog, EventMB
The First Blog for eventprofs. How To’s, Event Technology & Trends for the event industry.”
eventmanagerblog.com | @EventMB

3. Event Magazine
Event is the leading publication for the event industry.”
eventmagazine.co.uk | @Eventmagazine

4. Event Industry News
The leading news source for eventprofs
eventindustrynews.co.uk | @EventNewsBlog


5. HubSpot | Inbound Marketing
The world’s leading inbound marketing & sales platform with 18K customers in 90+ countries.”
hubspot.com | @HubSpot

6. Creative Guerrilla Marketing
The #1 Guerrilla Marketing blog featuring only the best experiential, socialmedia, ambient and advertising Examples.”
creativeguerrillamarketing.com | @CGuerrillaMBlog

Social Media

7. Social Media Today
SocialMedia insights, best practices, and tips from best thinkers in socialmarketing
socialmediatoday.com | @socialmedia2day

8. Hootsuite
Social media news and tips from the world’s most widely used social relationship platform.”
blog.hootsuite.com | @hootsuite

9. Giraffe Social Media
Got reach? Giraffe are the social media specialists who guarantee you smiles.“
giraffesocialmedia.co.uk | @GiraffeSM


10. Business Insider

What you need to know.”
businessinsider.com | @businessinsider


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