About me

I am an enthusiastic and outgoing Events Manager with a 1st Class Honours in (BA)Creative Events Management from Falmouth University, UK. I have an extensive range of experience across multiple sectors in the events industry within the UK and Hong Kong.

Through my various event roles, I have gained a firm understanding of events management and related industries, notably marketing, business, hospitality and retail and developed multiple key skills, including organisation and time management. I am adaptable to changing and unpredictable situations and use my holistic approach to take on multiple responsibilities.

I am efficient and diligent in my work and use my intuitive to solve problems and complete tasks to the highest quality. I am confident in managing and motivating teams yet self sufficient and able to perform roles individually.

I am always looking for new opportunities to develop my knowledge and skills and to be part of diverse and exciting event projects. Connect with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter or contact me to start planning your next event!

“I have no qualms in recommending Isabelle to your company with full confidence she will add value and deliver over and above your expectations”
Andrew Brown
Operations Director, Laxton Events

“It was one of the best campaigns I have ever seen, I could not recommend her highly enough”
Adam Gainsborough
Founding Director, This Is Now Agency

“Isabelle will be a valuable asset to whatever organisation she goes on to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough”
Adam Murphy
Volunteer Coordinator, NVS Music Group

“I give Isabelle my highest recommendation, and very much hope that any future employer or collaborator judges her application favourably”
Matt Kirby
Course Coordinator & Senior Lecturer BA (Hons)Creative Events Management

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