Senior Flexsi Ambassador, Falmouth University, UK

I was selected to be a Flexsi Student Ambassador for the Falmouth and Exeter Sports Initiative programme 2013-2015 and was promoted to Senior Student Ambassador. The programme enabled students to take part in a range of sport and fitness related activities and classes.


  • Management of sport and fitness activities on the university campus and in various locations around Cornwall.
  • Managed the Flexsi social media accounts and performed promotional activities which included the management of stalls at university events.
  • Liaised with key stakeholders which included staff and instructors at the Penryn Campus Fitness Centre, academic and university staff and instructors and managers of local sport and fitness facilities.
  • Organisation and management of a number of events on the university campus and in various locations around Cornwall. Events included fitness and sport related activities, parties and social events, day trips and awards evenings.
  • Mentored junior Flexsi Ambassadors and managed teams of Flexsi Ambassadors during events and activities.
  • Won the Outstanding Ambassador award 2013/2014. 

Isabelle is an amiable and positive young lady with an outgoing personality. Her presence and hard work at: Freshers Fayre; Move-in Weekend; Welfare Days and Beach Days were crucial to guiding hundreds of new members for a second year, to join the Project.

Isabelle has freely given her spare time and played a crucial role in mentoring many Junior Ambassadors, providing them with the support and guidance they need to become effective in their own roles, within the Project. Isabelle is a natural leader, who exudes great confidence and has demonstrated to be 100% reliable.

Her passion and dedication to the Project has been exceptional and the reason she was presented with the Outstanding Ambassador 13/14 Award. Isabelle will undoubtedly be an outstanding asset to any organisation and role she undertakes in the future.

Tyrone Morgan
Flexsi Activities Coordinator